Monday May 25, 2020
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The Allsteel QC12K swing beam shears boast high performance at an extremely economical price. The machines come equipped as standard with a Delem Model 310 CNC control, a CNC controlled back gage with 24” travel, high quality two edge blades top and four edge blades bottom, and a rugged, stress relieved frame for stability and ongoing accuracy. A maximum efficiency and long service life.



The machine is rated for 12 strokes per minute at full cut length.

It is equipped with manual blade clearance adjustment and ball transfers in the table.

The DAC-310 shear controller provides a complete and compact shear control application. Including backgauge control, gap control and stroke length limitation this state of the art electronics based unit makes a versatile solution.

The backgauge can be moved manually by selecting pushbuttons in 2 different speeds.

With its bright LCD display, the control offers a clear, fast and simple programming facility.


The DAC-310 offers you the following features:    

Backgauge control
Bright LCD display    

Gap control, Stroke length limitation

Actual and programmed position visualisation


Top blade and back gauge with swing movement always have the cutting perpendicular to the material and bottom blade, then swing away from bottom blade. There is no jamming the material between the blades and backgauge. Top and down blade last longer to ensure quality cutting and less maintenance.


Stress-relieved, unitized box construction of the table and extra thick, rolled steel frames provide maximum resistance to deflection and torsional force. Increased throat depth in the side frames allows for progressive slitting of strips longer than the blades. Due to swing beam design, there is no deflection at the throat area of the shear.


Due to strong, rigid construction, swing beam design and powerful hydraulics, hydraulic shears feature a constant minimum rake angle for consistent, quality shearing, at full capacity, with the least amount of distortion.




A conveniently located adjustment lever enables the operator to accurately adjust the blade clearance on both sides of the machine simultaneously.




Hydraulic hold downs are synchronized with the upper blade, travel to provide maximum hold down pressure at the moment of shearing, thus assuring cutting accuracy. As shearing forces on the plate increases, the hold down pressure increases proportionately. The hold down feet can hold two or more plates of different thicknesses for simultaneous shearing on the same stroke. At one end of the shear, two hold downs are mounted close together for ease in cutting narrow strips.




All shears are equipped with a heavy-duty squaring arm which is mounted at precisely 90 degrees to the shear blades. The squaring arm has a recessed stainless steel rule in inch/metric. The shear is also equipped with ball transfers to facilitate even the heaviest jobs.

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